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Points to Ponder

Shooting in Low Light

  • Most crime happens in the dark. Evil loves the darkness and hates the light!
  • Rule # 4 requires you to have a flashlight to point your gun at a human being in low light. Never point your gun at anyone you cannot assuredly identify as a threat!
  • A flashlight could mean the difference between you shooting an intruder and shooting your teenage son who snuck out and is returning home in the middle of the night.
  • Light should be rugged, water-resistant, bright, small enough to hold without fatigue, have reliable batteries (CR123 Lithium has 10-year shelf life), with momentary switch.
  • Sympathetic Squeeze (contraction) –includes 2 related phenomena:
    1. Contraction of all digits on one hand when intention was to contract one digit(as in milking).
    2. Tendency of both hands to perform similar actions though intention was to perform action with only one hand.
  • Hand Confusion –physiological phenomenon where wrong hand is activated in a situation where each hand was assigned a separate task. (Rub tummy & pat head)
  • Sword Grip (lights with side activation switch) vs. Ice Pick Grip (lights with button on end)
  • Draw gun first, then bring light to proper position. Never cross gun over flashlight hand…Rule # 2.
  • Beam-Grip Displacement –refers to two things that can occur when using “hands-together” lowlight shooting techniques:
    1. Recoil can jostle aim of flashlight beam or cause light to bump on and off between shots.
    2. Position of gun & flashlight hands can be altered by recoil, requiring re-application of technique. (Adjusting beam can cause incorrect sight-picture)