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Control Concepts International (CCI) was established in 1986. We have provided current, certified and up to date dedicated training for law enforcement agencies, military units, Medical Facilities, Educational Teams, Security and Patient management Groups.

Training with CCI offers the most up-to-date training in topics such as Disruptive students, persons and patients.  We also offer Tactical Training at every level.  All courses are designed to fit the level of the participant, and to coincide with current agency, organization or operator needs.

CCI offers on-going local courses as well as mobile training groups based on the needs and size of the requesting individual or group. Sessions can range from a single day to several weeks. Our goal is to provide the most effective, acceptable and defensible skills for the participant of an active environment.

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Control Concepts International can develop a specific training program, or teach one of the selected courses available via our syllabus. Our programs are for civilian, law enforcement, military and corporations.  Our programs will stand up to the rigors of both high liability and officer survival. Find out more today.

If you don’t see what you need, Control Concepts specializes in custom and refresher training programs. Contact us for further details.

Violent Patient Management (VPM)

Violent Patient Management (VPM) is designed for those persons that are in contact with subjects that are in need of medical assistance, but show aggression towards medical personnel attempting to assist them. These subjects must be properly controlled with as little potential for further injury or escalation as possible. VPM does just that.

F3 (Facilitator Fitness Program)

This training program is designed for those responsible for training of military special operations units, law enforcement tactical units and elite athletes. The concepts presented here represent critical information on how to train the body to achieve peak performance by using proper mixed modality training and nutrition.

Special Tactical Problems

Special Tactical Problems is a series of mini – lectures and practical training that prepares the line officer for day to day events. The emphasis of the course is how to handle active events with efficiency. By looking at daily actions such as building clearing, firearms tactics, CQC tactics, fitness and survival learning, the user will improve their skills in critical tasks.

Weapon Training

Our Weapon Training series explores the full range of options needed to operate in any enviroment. Training targets include sections of information on ballistics, nomenclature, sighting correction, and tactical deployment. The techniques taught have gone beyond the square range as they have been used in actual engagements. Both programs instill confidence in the user through active training sessions and high repetition sequences.

Close Quarter Combat Tactics

Close Quarter Combat Tactics are tactics that should give the user the ability to handle situations that involve armed and unarmed suspects. These tactics also work when the operator is armed or unarmed. These techniques are low profile and extremely effective.

CQC Tactics involve complex situations; the operator must be prepared to adapt their skills to handle these above average situations. This program is the PPCT Model taught to ATF,FLETC and Tactical Teams worldwide.

Other courses include:

  • Security Guard Service Skills Enhancement
    • Intermediate and Advanced Security Skills Development
  • CPTED – Site Surveys / Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • SHARP – Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention.
  • DSP – Disruptive Student Management
  • Phase Defense Systems – Personal Protection Training and Seminars: Levels 1-5

COntact Us

T.J. Cooper has been a lead trainer in tactical topics since 1987. Mr. Cooper teaches civilian, law enforcement and military agencies on demand. As a lead tactical trainer, Mr. Cooper continually trains, attends and teaches high liability topics in criminal justice academies, colleges and training forums.

Mr. Cooper retired after 38 years of Active Law Enforcement Service.  Notable achievements include Promotions to Sergeant and assignments as Assistant Director.  SWAT Unit operator, Team Leader and Trainer..  Mr. Cooper is also a consultant, with tactical certifications as an instructor trainer from several national companies to include P.P.C.T. Management, L.E.A.D. Inc., I.P.T.M., The N.T.O.A., IALEFI, and ILLEETA among others. Mr. Cooper has graduated from a host of highly rated programs to include those offered by FLETC, A.T.F., and the F.B.I., as well as a host of notable training courses offered by H&K International, Singleton International, C.S.A.T., and the Universal Shooting Academy.  Training has occurred in programs ranging from Aircraft Assaults to Waterborne Operations.

A writer of several published articles and manuals, Mr. Cooper has an Associate Degree in General Studies and a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management. Mr. Cooper is certified as an Emergency Medical Technician / Tactical Medic, and Personal Fitness consultant.



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